Packing Process

At QMobile, we understand that accidents happen. That's why we're here to make your digital lifestyle process as smooth as possible for you.

How do we pack our Products

We put a lot of effort to ensure that our customers have a positive experience. For environmentally friendly packaging and shipping, the company uses recycled materials, such as 100% biodegradable shipping supplies and low-impact print dyes.

1. Record the parcels’ while packing.

2. Pick the order being made by the customer.

3. Pack the product in an air bubble packing.

4. Enclose the box to our lightweight Packaging flyer to ensure the product reaches our customer safely.

5. Seal the flyer to prevent tempering & theft.

6. Mark the flyers as fragile so they are handled with care.

7. Insert Shipping Label with complete shipping information details along with Tracking ID and total amount.

8. Flyer Sealed and Packed Ready for delivery.

9. Parcel is handed over to the courier partner.